Cortney is a Licensed, Certified, and Insured Massage Professional & Feng Shui Consultant who is currently working with Healthcare Providers & Clients in Huntsville, AL and the Madison County area and who now has an in office location at Dr. Jamie's Wellness Center in Huntsville. 

She has studied alongside nationally accredited board professors pursuing success in healthcare in her education ranging from Medical to Thai Yoga Massage. Since graduating from Everest College of Seattle in 2010, her passion has been in medicine where she specializes in massage therapy for spinal muscles, mind + body health, helping those from acute to chronic pains. 

Cortney's feng shui journey has made quite the transformational adventure. Feng Shui has helped her to recieve and create balance, understand life, achieve grander inner peace, and realize the utter importance of nature and it's health. From there she has successfully helped and educate others to create balance and equilibrium in their space and lives since 2008. Helping them to succeed in all aspects of their dream goals for them to come true.  Feel free to click on the link to discover real Feng Shui for yourself. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
QUESTION: How are your massage prices so low?
ANSWER: Well, I believe I'm a very humble person. So when it comes to my costs of living and my business, it's not nearly as much as a glamorous upkeep of a spa and since most of my patients are Home Therapy, it's less rental costs. That's why you see my price scales such as $1/ minute chair massages to my Medical Massage Treatment Savings Plan. It's something nice and affordable in order to help all my patients receive the affordable care they need when they need it as well as a comfortable price for my costs for upkeep in my business and life. 

Q: How does massage work?
A: Massage helps relax superficial layers as well as the deeper layers of muscles to relieve stagnanting injuries, whether they were there yesterday or 20 years ago. By massaging out adhesions and scarring, we are creating a healthful circulation flow that creates a boost in immunity, relaxation, while helping to eliminate and relieve pain. 

Q: What is a Mobile Massage Therapist?
A: Mobile Massage Therapists are amazing health care workers who are able to travel to the home or office. This benefits those such as stay at home parents, disabled, or the busy office worker who hasn't the time to go out and receive their care.

Q: What is Feng Shui?
A: Feng Shui means wind and water, the flow of life. On a spiritual level it's the Oneness with Earth. It's mysterious ways of balance, peace, clarity of mind, good energy, and life energy that helps to boost your life successes, when you follow the way or the TAO of Mother Earth. 

Q: I've tried Feng Shui and it doesn't work, did I do something wrong?
A: Probably not. Unfortunately, there are a slew of superstitions in feng shui we must be aware of. Why I have given the people free feng shui tips in order to combat those superstitions. 

Q: What is the most important fortune in Feng Shui?
A: I would say the Tao. That'll be the center point of the Bagua Map that represents the balance and health of you. Without you and your health, you would have nothing. Taking care of you first is the stronghold in all your fortunes.

In Health,
Cortney L. Brown
Licensed Massage Therapist, Feng Shui Consultant

Panacea: Feng Shui & Medical Massage Owner